Lake Harmony Watershed Preservation Group 

Uniting members of our community to make a difference through preservation.

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The goal of the Lake Harmony Watershed Preservation Group (LHWPG) is to improve and maintain the integrity of the Lake Harmony Watershed.   We are a non-profit corporation which is supported solely by charitable donations.  Your donations are utilized for scientific, educational, research and preservation initiatives which are mandatory to maintaining and ensuring survival of Lake Harmony Watershed and it’s local community.

Our  focus is to facilitate communication and support among all groups, homeowners and businesses who share our common mission in finding solutions in meeting this goal.  Together we can make a difference through preservation efforts to ensure the integrity of the Lake Harmony Watershed now and for future generations.  


As residents and property owners we are confident you share in the belief that Lake Harmony is a unique environment which combines a balance of natural beauty and amenities for community enjoyment.  Achieving our goal of preserving this natural treasure is a monumental task which requires teamwork. Please access the link below to learn more about the crisis and challenges which effect each one of us NOW and in the future.  

Please Watch: Lake Harmony has the Blues Video

As the video explains, ten years ago the maximum depth of Lake Harmony was 31 feet.  Today it is averaging about 12 ft in the deepest areas.  Sediment currently occupies between 9 to 13 feet of the lake bottom.  Engineering studies have confirmed that erosion from poorly maintained storm sewers, removal of vegetation, leaf debris, construction waste, and human activity have led to the current crisis. 

Leaf Pick Days announced - See Project and Calendar Page for Flyer and Dates - Volunteers needed  


Mission & Vision
We are committed to devoting the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and protect Lake Harmony.

Over the years improvement projects have been initiated to help slow down deterioration due to run-off into the lake. These noble efforts, however, were only the beginning to an ongoing process which must continue through a multi-phased systematic plan. A plan, once complete, will require ongoing maintenance.  
A plan which must include expert advice from experienced professionals (engineers, geologist, conservation experts) and dedicated volunteers.  
The Lake Harmony Watershed Preservation Group (LHWPG)  is dedicated to supporting this mission. 
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Planning / Designs
Proper planning of  our storm water projects is essential in assuring that designs  do not fall short of their intended effectiveness
LHWPG enlist a number engineering professionals who focus on providing geological and hydro-geologic evaluations specializing in lake and watershed management/wetland services. This method of analysis insures that all projects that LHWPG sponsors receive proper design and detailed planning for the various projects for storm water management around Lake Harmony. 
LHWPG had spent over $30,000  to date on detailed engineering planning and estimates for storm water management.
The Watershed Group provides basic maintenance for drainage area immediately surrounding the lake to alleviate sediment run off into the lake.

$5000 is spent annually on leaf removal from streets and common areas surrounding the lake. Leaf clogged culverts and drains is a major cause contributing to ineffective storm water management.

Each spring, $1000 is devoted to sweeping salt and cinders from streets around the lake. 
LHWPG spends $7000 - $10,000 annually on inspection and treatment of invasive plants to maintain the health and integrity of the lake.

LHWPG plans show that  $ 9,000 is required correct existing problems on Kidder Street and $4,300 for the rain garden on Church and Lesher Street. 
LHWPG has supported the Summit Street project by contributing $5,000 for engineering plans. An additional $30,000 is required the execute the actual project.